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About Darlene

Darlene Harwick is a realtor and marketing expert providing buyers and sellers find luxury homes, second homes, investment properties, and homes to retire in the Palm Springs Valley area.  Saying no to a “one-size-fits-all” strategy makes all the difference to her clients. Darlene is experienced in handling transactions of any size, and considers each client of absolute importance.

A knowledgeable marketer, Darlene helps sellers strategically position their properties for sale.  “Just listing a home on the local MLS is no longer sufficient,” Darlene stated. “We are visual people and real estate is very visual. Buyers purchase homes that ‘wow’ them.  Low quality photos of interiors and exteriors don’t excite.  I look for model shots – high quality, beautiful photos that grab the buyer.  I look to tell the story of what that buyer will love about that home. I emphasize how that home in that neighborhood is unlike others. My goal is for buyers to look at that house and say “I’m home.”

Darlene’s highly-advanced and laser-focused internet marketing programs ensure homes get maximum online and local exposure, ensuring expedient sales. She capitalizes on 3D photography, Virtual and Actual Staging, Video on Social Media, High-quality Photos and Brochures, and advertising on Google, Facebook, and other pertinent platforms.

Darlene’s keen market insight ensure buyers find their ideal property that meet their needs while maximizing their real estate investment. She works closely with buyers in pinpointing communities that meet their lifestyles, negotiate best price and terms of their selected homes, and stays on top of inspections and necessary documentation to ensure smooth and timely transactions.

Prior to becoming a local Realtor, Darlene started her real estate career with The Irvine Company, a nationally recognized residential and commercial developer.  As Assistant Editor, she worked closely with development, sales, and public relations teams implement print and magazine marketing strategies for new development.  After leaving The Irvine Company, Darlene had a long career as a Consultant to major construction companies recruiting C-Suite, Executive, and Managerial personnel. Her recruiter role also involved new employee compensation negotiations.  The delicate balance in providing all parties win-win outcomes has well-served her real estate clients.

A permanent resident in the desert for 10 years and 15 years as a “weekender”, Darlene previously lived and worked in Orange County, CA. When not assisting clients, Darlene enjoys entertaining family and friends, playing golf, and house remodels and renovations.

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